Self-care vs. Caring for Myself

Words matter, often more than we realize.
Take the wildly popular term: self-care
What does it conjure up?
When I hear it I think of:
Bubble baths, massage, pedicures, glass of champagne with the girls?
Does it evoke any sort of resistance for you like it does me?
Thoughts like, that feels impossible in the midst of this shit storm happening in the world.
Who has time for “self-care?”
It seems “selfish.”
Selfish for me is where my brain says ok, “we are SO done here.
I was raised to believe that prioritizing myself was selfish.
Any word with “self” attached was not a good word.
And it wasn’t my mom’s fault.
It was what she learned.
So, for me, the term “self-care” evokes a cringing response and then an inner rant: “Why do we have to call out taking care of ourselves as women when men do it in a way that seems guilt-free?”
Don’t get me wrong:  I staunchly believe that we ALL should all prioritize caring for ourselves.
So, I call it “caring for myself” because then I get to count all of the ways I find joy, which, in turn, nurture my heart, body, and mind: 
Going to see my grandkids evokes the child in me; the curious, playful explorer of possibility
Creating healthy meals that make my body burst with energy
Writing 3 pages of handwritten work each morning, “morning pages” to clear my head
Singing and making up ridiculous lyrics that make me laugh
Talking/texting with friends
Crocheting a blanket for a soon to be born baby
Doing a “tapping” meditation that reduces anxiety and opens possibility
Reading books that challenge my biases and help me learn how I can be a better human.
You see: caring for myself includes all kinds of activities, some directly turned toward me, and others that involve the beauty of relationships and growth.
What do you think about this distinction?
Which word combo helps you nurture and nourish yourself more?

Offering a New Opportunity: Pay What You Can

Health coaching is an opportunity that anyone, with any means, should be able to access.
For this reason, I am offering a structure that will make coaching accessible for more people, including those who might not have the funds to afford it.
Here’s how it works:
We schedule a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for each other! Some issues are more suited for therapy and some are within the realm of health coaching.
If we decide to work together, you decide what you pay:  $0-$100 per session is the range of my clients.
We decide the frequency that works: weekly, twice a month, etc and we take it from there!
Let me know if you have questions. Text, email or call!

What is a Health Coach?

You might have thought of working with someone to help you make progress toward your goals, but wonder:

What actually is a health coach?

First, off, it’s easier to define what a health coach is not:

Advice giver: you’ve probably already got plenty of friends and family members willing to offer unsolicited advice on how to lose weight, decrease stress, exercise more, fill in the blank ___________.

Although a health coach can occasionally step out of the coaching role and serve as an educator, providing you with helpful, supportive resources on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, the main role of a coach is to:

  • listen intently to you and ask powerful, focused questions
  • help you determine what behavioral and lifestyle changes match the values you hold dear so that these changes match who you are and want to be

Maybe you want to be the “healthiest you” so that you live the longest life possible and can keep up with your sweet grandkids. (That’s my motivation right there!)

  • work with you to set meaningful goals that will enhance your life. With that, together you will break down those goals into habits that will ensure success.

Perhaps you set a goal to lose 15 lbs by April. What daily habits might be getting in your way? What new habits can replace them so that you are successful?

Coaches are trained in the science of habit formation and can work with you to ignite your motivation and help you plan steps to succeed!

  • hold you accountable

At the end of each session, you will have a plan to move forward and an agreement with your coach about how you will be accountable and what will support you in following through with your intended actions. This accountability is meant as a support, and if things don’t go as planned, this is a key insight to bring to your next session.

  • help you recognize and celebrate both small and big wins and encourage you through tough times

Though a coach is not a cheerleader, they will be a partner who helps you recognize your progress through reflection and conversation. Often times we are our own worst critics and need someone to help us see our small wins. We also need someone to support us when we don’t quite make it to the goal in the time we desired.

  • assist you in discovering how your strengths can facilitate your progress and overall wellbeing. When we are living our most vibrant, meaningful moments, our strengths are at work. Don’t know about strengths? Check out the VIA!

In summary, a coach goes on a beautiful journey with their client, facilitating discovery, awareness, and action. The client is the expert and is most definitely the most important voice in the conversation.

What questions do you have about health coaching?

Get Your Joy Back

balance business cobblestone conceptual
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Have you lost the joy that you had in your early years of teaching? Are you wondering if this dedication to others is tapping you of all of your physical and mental energy?

I am here to help you, yes, you, live a more vibrant, flourishing life. As a middle school teacher, counselor, and health coach, I know how easy it is to let your own physical and mental health go by the wayside. We spend so much of our days caring for others that suddenly one day we realize that we are tired, burning out, and not living our most flourishing lives. We feel uncomfortable in our bodies, lose energy by 2:00 p.m. and feel ourselves yearning for our summer selves: when we get that chance to rejuvenate and rest!

There are simple ways we can change our nutrition, exercise and lifestyle so that we can feel more alive, satisfied, and energized to do the wonderful, challenging, yet fulfilling work we do as educators. Come with me as we learn together and share new ways to live a more peaceful, healthy, satisfying life. You deserve it!